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Lisa Fama, Title Agent / Closer
 Lisa Fama is a licensed title agent and notary public who has worked in the Title Industry since 1998. We are confident we will impress you with our efficiency and professionalism and look forward to working with you.
Lisa Fama, Title Agent / Closer
Lisa has been working in the Title Industry since 1998 and took over ownership of InDeed Title Corp. in 2014. Lisa works to resolve issues and enjoys working with clients to make sure the transaction closes smoothly and to keep all parties informed so all parties can all work together towards the end goal……closing with clear title! Lisa has foreclosure experience, which has proven invaluable, especially in this market.

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Our Customer Service

At In deed Title we are committed to providing you with Quality Title Service. Your experience with our title insurance company is our number one priority.

Knowledgeable Licensed Title Agents

Our staff and management understand all aspects of the industry, most importantly they understand the importance of closing a transaction on time and are prepared to close at a moment's notice.

Low Closing Cost

Our highly competitive rates & fees ensure that you get the best possible deal.